Friday, May 29, 2009


Still waiting to hear regarding the below mentioned opportunity. Hopefully it pans out.

The last week has been real busy - friends visited last weekend, Mike from Kansas and others too. Josh's sister was also visiting from North Carolina, and my friend Colby was up from Connecticut. It was a weekend packed with BBQ's, frisbee golf, paintball, and the occasional glass of wine.

So i started my day today by loosing my shift. I got to work and was told that last week my boss had changed the schedule and had given away my shift (without talking to me, or without even TELLING me about it). She has yet to call me (giving her the benefit of the doubt, let's say she didn't realize what she did until she came to work this morning) - she's just ignoring me like she does all her other messages.

One more reason why i hope everything works out with the other option - fingers crossed.

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