Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Jennie and i went up to Mumma's this weekend for Mother's Day. It was nice to see her and the girls - she's had some work done on the house lately too, so it was cool to see that as well.

Saturday was filled with freak rain showers - really heavy down pours that would last for 15-20 minutes and then fade off. During one of these down pours Jennie, Anna and i ran outside and splashed in the puddles. Mumma came out too after awhile - it was a blast, we were soaking wet and laughing like crazy. It was so much fun - felt like i was little again, when Mumma, Jennie and i washed our hair in the rain one time.
It was a really nice weekend - the drive didn't end up being too bad either (Jennie won the alphabet game on the ride back, though).

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