Sunday, May 3, 2009

wake up you sleepy-head/rub your eyes/get out of bed...

Josh is still asleep...i'm on my 2nd cup of coffee, have been up for over and hour now, and Josh is still asleep. Even though this is our day off together, this happens quite often with us. But it works: without really trying to, i think we're starting to perfect the dance of our mornings.
I like getting right out of bed the minute that i wake up, if not i start to twitch - i don't drift in and out of sleep for a couple of hours (unless i'm sick). I wander downstairs for a cup of coffee - i don't talk or try and be productive right away. To be honest i value that quiet time ... i just enjoy my coffee and stare out the window or watch the news. After that, if i'm feeling ambitious i'll go for a run or head out for a walk somewhere. Nothing too fancy - just some quiet time while my brain wakes up.
Josh, on the other hand, really enjoys his sleep. If given the choice between paintball, soccer, or even a game of Magic in the morning Josh would pick sleep every time. Now it's not from being lazy or lethargic - with the amount of energy Josh has on reserve at all times i don't know anyone who would consider him either of these things. But he just needs more sleep than the average bear - and i've never heard him complain about that. He just loves to sleep.
And so he gives me my quiet time and i give him his extra hour or so of sleep, and when he wakes up we'll start our day off together.

music: CCR - Looking out my back door

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