Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Today is the last day of Josh's semester - he ends it with a bang by taking his Pharmacology final. I'm so proud of him - how much work he's put in over this last year. With him in school full-time and working full-time, it certainly wasn't easy. But he's worked so hard, and done really well in his classes, too!
Tomorrow night after i get out of work we're all celebrating by going to Gaucho's - this really yummy Brazilian steakhouse that Josh loves. Next week Josh starts Microbiology for the summer term, but at least he'll just be taking that one class instead of a full-load. And then the fall will start off his final year of school - yippee!!
I'm starting to really get excited about this summer - although it will be incredibly busy at work, as long as the schedule that we came up with works out it should be manageable for everyone. All of us will get every-other weekend off, which is ALOT better than last summer when i worked all but 2 weekends.
Hopefully Josh and i will be able to take the kayaks out alot more this summer, and head out on some camping trips too. It should be a ton of fun!!

Music: Regina Spektor - Somedays

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