Saturday, May 2, 2009


So regardless of the fact that today was supposed to be my day off, i will be working. There is a big meeting of all the owners, and since our supervisor was layed-off i get to help out instead. Just one of the many tasks that have landed on my shoulders since she left in January.....and for the same rate of pay.
Don't get me wrong - with the way things are right now in society, i am grateful to have my job at all. But when a company eliminates a position, they need to recognize that the work will fall on someone....and in this case that someone was me.
Awh well, after the meeting Josh and i are going to drive down to Concord to play mini-golf for our "date night", so that will be fun. We played a mini-game of darts to determine who would pick the activity this week - highest score of the first round won ..... Ashley:17, Josh:45!! Normally i beat him when we play at Truant's, but i think i was out of practice....or perhaps it was the absence of spirits that made the difference, who knows.

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