Thursday, October 28, 2010

Molly's teething...ugh

So I haven't blogged in quite some time - I believe the last time I wrote I was pregnant with Molly - she is now almost 5 months old!! And yes, she has started teething.

Recently a friend of mine turned me onto amber teething necklaces, that her daughter has cut quite a few teeth while wearing the necklace and has had NO discomfort from teething - as you can imagine I was interested!
The maker of them that I will be getting mine from is Inspired by Finn and right now this other blog that I read (Sippy Cups & Cloth Bums) is having a giveaway that I'm hoping to win - fingers' crossed!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

crazy love

So I haven't posted in quite some time now, so you may not know that Josh and I are 34 weeks pregnant!! It's kinda crazy - we're having a girl and she's expected to arrive June 13th, although if she's anything like her daddy and I she'll be fashionably late. :)

We're both SOOO excited - we've had two ultrasounds so far and this last one (on 4/22, our 4yr. wedding anniversary) we got to see her super chubby cheeks - sooo adorable!

She's the cutest baby ever, only 6 more weeks (give or take) till we get to meet her!

Music: Ingrid Michaelson - You and I

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I still haven't figured out what I did to deserve it, but I was born into a CRAZY family.

When I say 'crazy' I don't mean "awh, look at Grandma, skinny dipping in the pool again". What I mean by crazy is: "so the doctor's changed dad's medication again, says this time he should stop sexually assaulting the goats once and for all. Ma's gone off the deep end again too - gone off and married another drunken woodsman with a temper".

And although this may sound a bit far fetched, sadly it's not that far from the truth.

I've reached the point where I'm about ready to throw in the towel on my family. I mean, I have one sister that loves me and cares about spending as much time with me as I with her, and she's mostly sane too. :o] And I have a great husband, and we're starting our own family. Plus, I have wonderful in-laws who've taken me in as their own, who don't hesitate to offer help and support, and who actually enjoy our presence.

So why do I still feel the need to keep trying with my mom and others? I'm about ready to just write them off completely.
We'll have to see how Thanksgiving goes - perhaps this will be it.

Music: Janis Joplin - Women Is Losers

Monday, September 21, 2009

Moped Madame

So to catch up, Josh got me a moped for my birthday. It's a 1978 Garelli Rally Sport - bright blue - a beauty. Due to many-much reasons, we just got it back from the mechanic at the end of last week (my birthday was at the beginning of August). So I've ridden it a couple of times now, and it's a blast!!

The day before last I rode it into downtown and poked around the antique store some, and then headed home - just a short trip, enough to make sure it was running fine. Today after work, though, I took it to Wal-mart (about 4 miles away) and then came home the back way (another 8-9 miles or so). It's like a mini motorcycle ... that tops out at 30 mph. It was soooo much fun!

Notable events while out on my big, bad, Harley?
1.) I'm absolutely in love with my moped, especially because it "robbed the craddle" (it's 4 yrs. older than me) - I really don't like the look of the modern scooter that you see around - see #4.
2.) I learned that I need to get a new pair of sunglasses - ones that will block the bugs from flying up underneath the lenses and into my eyes.
3.) Other than me, of course, the people who love mopeds the most (and they will express this to you in the form of cat-calling your bike) are those that still attend Middle/High School.....and ride a bicycle.
4.) I was passed by someone on a scooter....going 35, max.

Music: Billie Holiday - Willow Weep for Me

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

running away

I just got back from running for the first time in a VERY long time, and it felt wonderful. I have a gym membership that i pay for each month but rarely use, so i decided to take advantage of it tonight. It may sound odd, but it was so nice to just be sweating - to be exercising.

I wont be able to go again until Friday, but I'm looking forward to it. It'll be nice to start feeling strong and healthy again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes i feel like i live alone, that I'm the only one taking care of the day-to-day tasks/chores - some days/weeks i rarely see Josh, let alone have a discussion with him. This week has been such a week.

For the past few MONTHS now I've been trying to navigate Cigna's website (as well as sitting on hold for 40 minutes at one point) in search for an OB-GYN in our area that is covered by our insurance, and I've been trying to find out as much information as i can about what will be covered when we start to have kids. It seems that all my extra time lately has been spent on this task - it's kinda fun, but most of the time it's scary as well as stressful, since finding out the information that you need from an insurance company can often times be painful and time-consuming.

Three days ago i logged into Cigna's website to continue my searching, and found that our account wasn't working correctly - all of the navigation options were missing. I attempted to call Cigna (for the up-teenth time) and was told that they couldn't help me with our online account, since Josh was the primary holder of the insurance account (although he's never logged onto the site, ever - i created it and maintain it). They let me know that Josh would need to call himself to take care of it.

Okay, whatever - that's their policy, it kinda annoyed me but who cares, right? I told Josh what happened and asked him to simply call them and figure out why our account wasn't working, and he instantly got all huffy and annoyed that HE had to call. Well, needless to say that after repeated calls to Cigna over the course of the last 3 days (and each time i had to plead with him to call back until we got resolution on the whole thing) they needed to cancel our online account (according to them, this will take approx. 3-4 business days) and we need to create a new one.

My question - how is it that when ONE little thing needs to be done by him in order to help me out (and it's the ONLY thing I've asked him to do this whole time I've been researching info. so that WE can prepare to start having kids) - how is it that this one thing seemed to annoy him so much? I don't ask for help around the house with housework (although we both work full-time), i don't ask for any help with paying bills, or the budget or any of that stuff. But i ask him to help me with one thing and he gets all pissy.

He can be such a whinny baby sometimes.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Still waiting to hear regarding the below mentioned opportunity. Hopefully it pans out.

The last week has been real busy - friends visited last weekend, Mike from Kansas and others too. Josh's sister was also visiting from North Carolina, and my friend Colby was up from Connecticut. It was a weekend packed with BBQ's, frisbee golf, paintball, and the occasional glass of wine.

So i started my day today by loosing my shift. I got to work and was told that last week my boss had changed the schedule and had given away my shift (without talking to me, or without even TELLING me about it). She has yet to call me (giving her the benefit of the doubt, let's say she didn't realize what she did until she came to work this morning) - she's just ignoring me like she does all her other messages.

One more reason why i hope everything works out with the other option - fingers crossed.