Monday, May 4, 2009

one potato, two potato...

I've always envied those people who knew just what they wanted to do for a living. Everyone knows at least one person who did just that - had a dream and went for it.
I've known more than a handful of "these types". My friend David from college: pastor. My long-time friend Julie: social worker. My cousin Christal: physical therapist. Amara - nurse, Jess - teacher, Chanda - teacher, Alyssa - vet, Cliff - landscaper, Chris - realtor.....and the list goes on.

And so i ask myself, "what's the problem with me?" Why is it that i can't seem to find something that holds my interest for more than a year?? I think i have found the issue: you first need a dream in order to attain it. Just within the last year or so i've started beating myself up about what i do for work, and feeling as though i've wasted the education that i payed so much money for and spent so much time on.
Looking back, i believe it would have been wiser for me to enter the workforce before going to college. I had no idea what it was that i wanted to do for a living...heck, i still don't!! And so i graduated with my Bachelor's in Liberal Arts/English. And what does one do with such a non-descript degree, one may ask?? Why, work at a front desk somewhere, of course!

Maybe i'm what you would call a late-bloomer. Or maybe i haven't found what it is that i'm meant to do yet. Or, the scarier option - maybe i missed an opportunity somewhere along the line that would have lead to the right path for me.
Like they say, we shall see.

Music: Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost

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