Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes i feel like i live alone, that I'm the only one taking care of the day-to-day tasks/chores - some days/weeks i rarely see Josh, let alone have a discussion with him. This week has been such a week.

For the past few MONTHS now I've been trying to navigate Cigna's website (as well as sitting on hold for 40 minutes at one point) in search for an OB-GYN in our area that is covered by our insurance, and I've been trying to find out as much information as i can about what will be covered when we start to have kids. It seems that all my extra time lately has been spent on this task - it's kinda fun, but most of the time it's scary as well as stressful, since finding out the information that you need from an insurance company can often times be painful and time-consuming.

Three days ago i logged into Cigna's website to continue my searching, and found that our account wasn't working correctly - all of the navigation options were missing. I attempted to call Cigna (for the up-teenth time) and was told that they couldn't help me with our online account, since Josh was the primary holder of the insurance account (although he's never logged onto the site, ever - i created it and maintain it). They let me know that Josh would need to call himself to take care of it.

Okay, whatever - that's their policy, it kinda annoyed me but who cares, right? I told Josh what happened and asked him to simply call them and figure out why our account wasn't working, and he instantly got all huffy and annoyed that HE had to call. Well, needless to say that after repeated calls to Cigna over the course of the last 3 days (and each time i had to plead with him to call back until we got resolution on the whole thing) they needed to cancel our online account (according to them, this will take approx. 3-4 business days) and we need to create a new one.

My question - how is it that when ONE little thing needs to be done by him in order to help me out (and it's the ONLY thing I've asked him to do this whole time I've been researching info. so that WE can prepare to start having kids) - how is it that this one thing seemed to annoy him so much? I don't ask for help around the house with housework (although we both work full-time), i don't ask for any help with paying bills, or the budget or any of that stuff. But i ask him to help me with one thing and he gets all pissy.

He can be such a whinny baby sometimes.

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